Specialist Contractors for Knotweed Control

Cornwall Council maintains a list of people who have attended a vocational course on the control of Japanese Knotweed administered by the Council, and successfully passed a written competence test on knotweed control.

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If you are a contractor and can offer, or would like to offer, a service to the public, companies, local authorities, etc for controlling Japanese knotweed it is important that you have a specialist knowledge of the treatment of this plant as well as all the necessary certificates of competence, training and insurances.

Duchy College, Rosewarne are able to offer training courses and can be contacted on 01209 722 100 or email rosewarne.enquiries@duchy.ac.uk.

Operatives who successfully complete the training will be eligible to be added to Cornwall Council's list of contractors for Japanese knotweed control which is issued to members of the public.

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