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Public toilets and radar keys

We provide and maintain a number of public conveniences throughout Cornwall.

The toilets are cleaned and serviced regularly, and have set opening times according to local needs.

If you would like a radar key that can be used to open disabled public toilets, you can obtain them from the Easyturn Key Company: 

The Easyturn Key Company
11 – 13 Church Street
Phone: 01395 222588
Fax: 01395 222088
Email sales@radarkeys.org

Or you can purchase them online by using a search engine such as google or yahoo and searching for 'radar key'.

If you have any questions, or wish to report a problem with one of our facilities please contact Environmental Management on 0300 1234 202, or email envmanagement@cornwall.gov.uk.

Refuse and recycling

0300 1234 141