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Garden Waste Collection Service


Garden waste must not be included with your general rubbish. You can compost it, you can take garden waste to any of our 13 household waste and recycling centres or you can use our garden waste collection service:

Pay for a garden waste collection online

Garden waste collections are fortnightly. To receive the service you will need to buy one of our brown wheeled bins or a reusable sack and pay for the annual collections.

When you subscribe to this service you can check when your garden waste collection is due by visiting the My Local Area page using the link on the right and entering your postcode when prompted.

You can report a missed garden waste collection if your garden waste has not been collected as scheduled.

How to set up your collection service

Bins and reuasable bags

You will need to order a wheeled bin or reusable bag from us, this is a one-off purchase, which will always remain your property.

There are two different sized bins or smaller reusable sacks available to purchase.


You will also need to pay annually for the garden waste collections.

If you already have a bin or bag you will only need to pay for the collections. When you pay for the collection your property will automatically be added to the collection service list.

Please note, we are no longer issuing paper permits to be displayed on bins.

Buy a new bin and register for the service or renew your annual collection:

  • The easiest way to buy your bin and set up collections is to use the link at the top of the page and buy your bin and collections on line.
  • your can also phone the refuse and recycling line on 0300 1234 141 and pay over the phone using a debit or credit card
  • visit any One Stop Shop and pay in person.

You can view the full Garden waste containers terms and conditions and the garden waste service terms and conditions.

Charges 2014/15

Bin and bags (one off purchase charge)

Bin or bag optionsOne-off Purchase Price

140 litre bin
(approx. two garden waste sacks)


240 litre bin
(approx. four garden waste sacks)


Reusable garden waste bag *


Annual garden waste collection charge

2014/15140 litre bin 240 litre bin Reusable garden waste bag *

Annual collection charge.





  • 140 litre bin is approximately two garden waste sacks
  • 240 litre bin is approximately four garden waste sacks

Bin sizes

If you require an indication of the size of the bin find below the nominal dimensions. 

Container Size Height (mm) Including LidWidth of bin (mm)Depth of bin(mm)  









What can be disposed of in the garden waste collection?

Yes PleaseNo Thanks
  • Grass cuttings
  • Leaves or organic sweepings
  • Tree, shrub and rose prunings
  • Branches (up to 30cm long and 2.5cm diameter e.g. broom handle width)
  • Cut flowers
  • Weeds
  • Windfall
  • Cardboard
  • Food waste
  • Plastic
  • Soil and rubble
  • Plant pots
  • Metal
  • Glass
  • Plastic or
  • Animal faeces.
  • Invasive species such as; Japanese Knotweed, Ragwort, Giant Hogweed or Common Ragwort

Composting at home

Garden waste is best reduced at the source. For information on how to cut down and recycle your garden waste at home visit our Garden Waste Minimisation and Composting web page. You can compost yourself at home, either by constructing your own compost bin or buying one, we have a special offer for residents, on the Cornwall Get Composting website.

Water butts

Water butts are a great way to store rainwater you can then use to water the garden or wash the car. 

Water butts are available from South West Water who have a number of water butts and other water saving devices available for sale including a free water saving kit.