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When is my rubbish and recycling collected?


View your rubbish and recycling day

View rubbish and recycling collection days

Rubbish Collection

Collections begin from 7.00am, so please ensure you have your rubbish out at this time for collection, placed on the boundary of your property, as close to the public highway as possible.

Essential maintenance will taking place on Saturday 20 September from 9-10am will make this form unavailable. Please use the email address or contact form within the contact box to contact the service during this time. We apologise for any inconvienience caused.

You can report a missed collection to us.

You are responsible for protecting your rubbish from animals and birds, we sell seagull proof bags from most of our One stop shops, please see our seagull proof bags page for more information.

Remember that all rubbish is collected manually by our crews. Anything that is sharp and could cut through the sack such as broken glass or sharp metal objects, please carefully wrap up, and if possible put into a solid labelled box.


We offer a kerbside recycling collection service to every household in Cornwall, which can be used to recycle over 40% of your waste.

You can also read more about recycling collections, including which items go into each recycling container.  

If you need recycling equipment, please fill in this online form to arrange delivery or pick up from a one stop shop.

Recycling banks

If you prefer, you can use Cornwall's Recycling Bank Sites or household waste and recycling centre to dispose of your recycling.