What's new in Planning

Increase in Statutory Planning Fees

Please note that the Government has increased the statutory planning fees by 20% with effect from 17 January 2018. 

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The Planning and Sustainable Development Services Fees and Charges document has been amended to incorporate the new planning application fees. These will apply to all planning applications submitted after 16 January 2018.

Planning application fees will now also be charged for those applications made as a result of the removal of permitted development rights and for a number of new planning application types.

Cornwall Council has produced a Planning Fees and Charges Supplementary Guidance Document, this document is to be read in conjunction with the Fees and Charges Document and provides guidance and clarification with regards to how Cornwall Council interprets the fee regulations.  This document is updated regularly and includes information on calculating floor space, holiday lets, buildings and caravans and caravan sites.

The new quarterly Planning Newsletter is now available:

Cornwall Council's new fully interactive guide; a Day in the life of a Planning Application takes you step by step through the entire planning process from your initial development idea through to the completion of development.

The Applications Team are looking for case studies of recently completed and successful small scale residential and commercial developments.

If you have any examples that you would like included, please forward the relevant details to the Customer Relations team on: egdcustomerrelations@cornwall.gov.uk.

The service has now put together a set of customer care standards for the services it delivers. We are committed to achieving the targets that we have set out in the Planning and Regeneration Service Customer Care Standards document.

We can work with businesses and householders across Cornwall to help ensure your project runs smoothly and efficiently through the design, approval and construction processes. We also provide free building regulation pre-application advice, if required. Find out why you should choose local authority building control.

The planning and regeneration service now provides an optional validation checking service for the submission of planning applications. This service can help to provide the speedy registration of your planning application. More details can be found via the following link: validation checking service.

A new interactive map has been created to view areas covered by an Article 4 Direction. Article 4s are used to remove some permitted development rights. The map includes details of each Article 4 and provides a link to a PDF copy of the original Direction. For further details please see Article 4s