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Kerrier District

Until a Local Plan for Cornwall Council is prepared, planning policy in use within the Kerrier District area at 31 March 2009 was the Cornwall Structure Plan until this was revoked with the revocation of the Regional Spatial Strategy. There are now no saved policies for the ex Kerrier area.

The Cornwall County Structure Plan Saved Policies was the development plan document that carried most weight in the Kerrier District Area - progress with the Local Plan was halted in 2004 as development plan preparation was redirected to the new Local Development Framework system. The Structure Plan has since been revoked following revocation of the South West Regional Spatial Strategy.


If you have any queries about which policies apply to a proposed application in the area formerly known as Kerrier and you know the direct dial number needed, please phone this number or contact a member of the Planning Team at the address to the right of this page.

In addition, a number of other documents (Supplementary Planning Guidance and Other Material Considerations - please note these are listed on a seperate page - use the link to documents above to view them) should also be considered as they supplement the policies and proposals of the Structure Plan.