Statement of Community Involvement

This page contains information on the current Statement of Community Involvement, the context and story of how we have arrived at this version, the consultation carried out and the responses received, and the progress this document has made through the Cornwall Council Committee Structure.

The Planning and Compulsory Purchase Act 2004 requires the local planning authority to prepare a 'Statement of Community Involvement' (SCI). The SCI details the parties to be consulted, and the manner of consultation, both during the process of determining planning applications, and in formulating Local Development Documents. For many people, planning is something that they only get involved in when faced with development that directly affects them. The Council tries to involve people, by publicising development proposals, listening to views and taking these views into account when making decisions. Because we are committed to making Cornwall a better place, and believe that this can best be achieved by involving as many people as possible, this Statement of Community Involvement details our commitment to this.

This Statement of Community Involvement aims to show you how and when you can become involved in the planning system and what to expect from the council when you do. It sets out:

  • How Cornwall Council will involve you in preparing and shaping the different parts of the Cornwall Local plan (formerly known as the Local Development Framework); and
  • How you can get involved in planning applications both before and during submission.

The SCI has been prepared with the Future Cornwall Sustainable Community Strategy in mind and the principles contained in the Engagement Strategy will be applied when undertaking community engagement as required by the SCI.

The original Statement of Community Involvement was consulted on in early 2011. The revised Statement of Community Involvement was considered by the Planning Policy Advisory Panel (PPAP) on 28 October 2011 and was recommended to Cabinet for approval, with minor amendments (Statement of Community Involvement with Minor Amendments). On 14th December 2011 the SCI was adopted by Cabinet. The adoption statement has been made available - Cornwall Council Notice of Adoption of the SCI.

The consultation period for the original Statement of Community Involvement (consultation version) ran from Monday 7 February until Thursday 28 April 2011.

The Council prepared a response report on the comments received during this consultation period, and the SCI was amended to reflect, where appropriate, the comments received.

The ‘Statement of Community Involvement’ has been discussed and approved on its journey to the current version at the following Committees: