Planning policy

Policy Document Consultations

Cornwall Council are consulting on five important planning policy documents.

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  • Cornwall Site Allocations Development Plan Document
  • Minerals Safeguarding Development Plan Document
  • Community Infrastructure Levy Draft Charging Schedule
  • European Terrestrial Sites Mitigation Supplementary Planning Document 
  • Biodiversity Supplementary Planning Document

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Cornwall Local Plan and other adopted plans

Here you can find the adopted Cornwall Local Plan 2010-2030, saved polices from previous local plans and adopted Neighbourhood Plans 

Plans in Progress

This contains information on Development Plan Documents that are currently being prepared, including the Site Allocations documents, Minerals Safeguarding and the Community Infrastructure Levy. 

Neighbourhood Planning

This page provides information on what a neighbourhood plan is, how to create one and updates on plans that communities are already preparing.

Policy Guidance

Here you can find guidance designed to help provide further information and advice relating to policies and other guidance such as Supplementary Planning Documents, Conservation Area appraisals and Chief Planning Officer Notes.

Monitoring, Evidence and Registers

Find out about our regular monitoring and up to date evidence.

Find out more about self-build, brownfield and other registers that we are compiling.