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Do I need planning consent or building regulations?

With all building work, the owner of the property or land is responsible for meeting the relevant planning rules and building regulations.

You can check whether you’re likely to need planning permission by reading through our guidance on householder permitted development rights, visiting the Planning Portal’s interactive guide or submitting our Do I need planning permission or building regulations permission form.

You can make certain types of minor changes to your house without applying for planning permission, this is called "permitted development"

Our guidance on guidance on householder permitted development rights uses simple flow charts and drawings to help explain which changes require planning permission and which do not.

You can also view an online version of the permitted development legislation.

Please note that planning consent is not required for a clothes pole.

The Planning Portal provides up to date information about work that can be carried out without planning permission. Most of this information is provided in an interactive guide. 


If you are not sure whether you need planning permission, listed building or conservation area consent and/or building regulations please fill in the Do I need planning consent or building regulations form and we will check this for you.  The check costs £40.00 inc VAT for planning, listed building or conservation area consent and is free for building regulations.  You should receive a response within 10 working days.

The check gives you an informal view of whether you need planning permission. For peace of mind, you can apply for a lawful development certificates if you wish.  This is formal proof that your household building work is lawful and doesn’t require planning permission.

If you are creating a new vehicle access or off-road parking space you may need to apply for planning permission, depending on the location and category of road.

Once planning consent has been granted, or confirmed that it is not required, you will then need to apply for a Vehicle Crossover Licence for permission to cross the footway with a vehicle. There is a fee for a Vehicle Crossover Licence.



0300 1234 151

Please see the Planning contacts page to find out who you need to contact.