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Cornwall and Scilly Historic Environment Record


The Cornwall and Scilly Historic Environment Record (HER) is the comprehensive and definitive record of the historic environment of Cornwall and the Isles of Scilly, and includes information on all aspects of the past from the earliest traces of human occupation up to the present day

The HER is available to consult online via the Heritage Gateway. This is a nationwide service that provides access to local authority HERs across the UK, as well as the National Monuments Record Excavation Index, details of Scheduled Monuments, Listed Buildings and Registered Parks and Gardens.

The HER team have compiled a short guide to the Heritage Gateway for you to download.

Data from the Cornwall and Scilly HER is also available on Cornwall Council's mapping page: choose the 'Historical' folder from the Layers menu to access the Sites and Monuments data.

A charge is normally made for the supply of information from the Record, although this may be discounted in certain circumstances, for example for educational or personal research. This charge is to cover the staff time and resources required to deal with the request. Please refer to the 'HER Charging Policy' below for current rates. We will always require a signed copy of the Users Declaration form before providing information from the Record.

The Historic Environment Record will never be complete, as new finds and discoveries are made almost every day; maintaining and updating the data is an ongoing task. 

You can contribute to this process by using the Sites and Monuments recording form to report to us any interesting finds or discoveries you make in Cornwall and Scilly. Please provide an e-mail address if you would like us to acknowledge receipt.

If you find that we have provided you with inaccurate or incomplete information, please let us know.

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