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Historic Environment


The role of the Historic Environment Service is to identify, record, protect, conserve, present and interpret the historic environment of Cornwall and the Isles of Scilly.


The Historic Environment is all the physical evidence for past human activity, as well as its associations that we can see, understand and feel today. This includes archaeology (sites and monuments), built heritage (historic buildings and settlements) and historic landscapes. Cornwall and Scilly has a rich and diverse historic environment which ranges from prehistoric sites, medieval buildings and historic mine sites to recent military remains.

The Historic Environment Service provides the following services:

  • Manages and runs the Cornwall and Scilly Historic Environment Record;
  • Provides advice and consultation on archaeology and historic buildings through development control and strategic planning policy;
  • Provides a countryside advice service to landowners and others on the management of the rural historic environment through agri-environment schemes;
  • Gives advice to all on the significance of the historic environment and how it might best be managed and conserved;
  • Carries out a range of projects and fieldwork through its project team, including assessment, evaluation, survey, excavation and publication;
  • Produces a range of popular and academic publications.

Registered as an archaeological organisation with the Institute of Field Archaeologists.

To find out more please contact the Historic Environment Service using the details on the right hand side of this page.

Please note that the Historic Environment service has relocated to the Fal Building, New County Hall, Truro.

All telephone numbers and email addresses for staff and general enquiries remain the same.

Please be advised that while the documents and links found in our web-pages as follow are in the process of being updated some may temporarily still be showing the old address.

Historic Environment Service

Fal Building,
New County Hall,

0300 1234 202