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Vision Support Team

Vision: To enable all children and young people with sensory impairment to achieve their potential

What is visual impairment?


There are a wide range of visual impairments from severe sight impairment (blind) to sight impairment (partially sighted).  They are diagnosed by an Ophthalmologist and can affect near vision, distance vision or visual fields.

The implications of vision loss are different for everyone and a wide range of strategies may be needed to enable our young people to have equal access to the educational and broader curriculum.

  • A specialist team comprising of:
  • 4 Qualified Teachers of the Visually Impaired
  • 2 Teachers of the visually Impaired
  • 1 (part-time) Visually Assistive Technology Teacher
  • 2 (part-time) Mobility Education Specialists

Children and young people (0-19 years) with a diagnosed visual impairment in their homes, early years settings and schools to enable them to overcome barriers to their education caused by their vision loss.

  • Specialist specific teaching for learners with visual impairment (for example Braille)
  • Specialist teaching in using assistive technology for our learners with the most significant visual needs.
  • Mobility and orientation training for our learners with the most significant visual needs.
  • Functional visual assessments, followed by written reports and advice.
  • Support and advice for families of young children following diagnosis.
  • Training for staff working with our learners.
  • Specialist advice on the adaptation of educational materials to allow our learners equal access to the curriculum.
  • Advice on specialist equipment which may enhance learning opportunities.
  • Statutory reports such as Statement advice, Annual Review advice.
  • Liaison with a range of other professionals from Health, Social Care and the Voluntary Sector.

Referrals are usually made to the Professional Lead by medical professionals such as orthoptists and ophthalmologists.

Referrals from others can be made using the form below, but it must be noted that we require written medical information before action is taken and will request this from the relevant professionals (with parental permission only).

Medical information is used alongside a functional visual assessment (where relevant) and a standardised set of criteria to determine the level of support given.

Referral Form

For compliments, comments and complaints contact the Professional Lead or a Council leaflet is available on request or contact us online using our Feedback form



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