Support to Young People with SEND Careers South West

The  following information provides a summary of the work that Careers South West (CSW) are commissioned  by the Local Authority to deliver in relation to the  transition of young people with a statement of SEN or an EHC plan into post  16 education and training.

The following applies to Year 9 young people:

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CSW will attend year 9 transition review meetings as requested by school when the student is at immediate risk of becoming NEET and requires specific information, advice or guidance to identify future education and learning options.  The involvement of CSW will be prioritised to meet the needs of only the most complex learners and attendance at these review meetings will be by exception only.

The following applies to young people from the Autumn term of Year 11 onwards: 

  • CSW will attend the transfer review meeting (when a change to a different education establishment or training is probably likely). CSW will provide independent and accessible information, advice and guidance (IAG) to young people with SEND (and parents where needed).  This will provide information on post 16 education and employment with training opportunities that may be available to them.
  • CSW will work with a young person (and parents where needed) prior to the review meeting offering to support them with the completion or review of ’My Hopes, Dreams and Aspirations’ forming part of the young person’s Education, Health and Care Plan.
  • CSW will work with the SENCO to pre populate the transfer review document prior to the meeting including the statement objectives and progress section. The SENCO will chair the review meeting which will be attended by CSW.
  • The CSW Careers Personal Advisor (CPA) will complete the transfer review document and a copy of the hand written document will be provided to the SENCO after the review.
  • After the review meeting CSW will type up the SEN review document and  ask the SENCO to check the information and then sign it.
  • CSW will ensure that the signed document, together with the My Hopes, Dreams and Aspirations and supporting reports are sent securely to the SEN Assessment and Provision Team.
  • CSW will support young people with applications to post 16 education and training options
  • CSW will support young people to identify suitable provision and with consent provide information regarding assessments/referrals to education and  training  providers

CSW will also inform the Local Authority (SEN Assessment and Education Provision Team) of the following:

  • CSW will notify the LA of all Independent Specialist Provider preferences by the 1 November (ensuring all local mainstream options have been considered)
  • CSW will notify the LA of all year 11 students’ preferred post 16 options by the first day of January
  • CSW will notify the LA of any additional transport needs for the young person’s preferred post 16 option by the last day of March.

The following applies to post 16 learners:

  • CSW will attend review meetings for those post 16 learners who are making a transition to another educational establishment or learning.
  • If the young person is at 6th form and making a transition to another education establishment or other learning then CSW will offer the same support as for Year 11.