Transfer of Statements of SEN into Education, Health and Care Plans

New legislation in July 2015 extended the timescale to complete the transfer of Statements of SEN into EHC plans. The EHC plans are being produced by the Statutory SEN Service in the order in which the transfer review paperwork is received.

We are continuing to transfer Statements of SEN into EHC plans.  Following national feedback, the Department for Education has extended both the time period for the whole process, up until March 2018, and the expected amount of time to complete each transfer, 20 weeks.

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The Local Authority recognises, and regrets, that some young people, families and educational settings have experienced a delay in receiving an EHC plan following the meeting when transfer of a Statement of SEN was considered.  A range of actions have been, and continue to be taken to rectify this situation. These include:

  • streamlining the paperwork
  • new guidance for school staff
  • additional capacity within the Local Authority
  • revised processes with health colleagues.

If the transfer review meeting has taken place but the EHC plan has not yet been received please continue to use the existing Statement of SEN, along with any other relevant reports/advice.  In this instance the Statement of SEN is still the legal document so should be reviewed at the Annual Review.

Please note:

  • the timetables below have been adjusted to reflect the updated timescales
  • updated forms and guidance will be issued via School Messenger and will be found in the SEN File
  • obtaining the child or young person’s views benefits from consideration of the individual and planning in advance how they can be enabled to express themselves
  • SENCOs have found it very helpful to collate the latest professional reports from professionals well in advance of the meeting, ensuring that there is sufficient evidence to update needs, outcomes and provision
  • until March 16 SENCOs can continue to access Early Support for individual advice about transfer reviews. Contact Kelly Rowland Early Support on 07772 630679 for support before or after the transfer review meeting (either by face to face, phone or email), signpost to documents and information.  The Family Information Service and Independent supporters, provide information on SMART outcomes and what is or is not an outcome
  • Careers South West (CSW) have a key role supporting year 11 pupils and older school leavers and their families, in relation to  considering  different options and the transfer reviews. Contact your school’s CSW adviser or Mandy Jackson, Team Supervisor 07881 551970
  • Independent supporters are available to support families through the transfer of statements of SEN to EHC plans email or call 01736 751921
  • other sources of support are: Cornwall Advocacy Service (for young people 11+) 01872 242478, SENDIASS for families and young people  01736 751921, Parent Carer Council Cornwall 07973 763332

The Transfer review timetable is for the SEN review meetings to consider transfer from a statement of SEN into an EHC plan in each academic year, autumn 2015 and summer 2018.

Please note some individuals will be outside this timetable eg pupils who have moved Local Authority. This is a guide to check arrangements for individuals please contact the Statutory SEN Service.