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Community and Hospital Education Service

The Community and Hospital Education Service (CHES) exists to provide education for pupils unable to attend school due to medical reasons. Its main principle that:

‘Cornwall believes that children and young people with health needs that impede their attendance at school should have access to high quality educational opportunities, with the expectation that they will be returning to school as soon as possible’.

  • Ensure early identification and intervention and thus reduce anxiety for children and young people, families and schools.
  • Provide an education package comprising of online learning and group tuition, for all children and young people of statutory school age whose health enables them to access this.
  • Encourage close liaison with parents and carers at every stage of the process.
  • Ensure that the child’s’ view is taken into account at every stage.
  • Provide continuity of educational provision.
  • Promote successful re-inclusion into school.
  • Work together with other services and agencies to ensure there is a high quality educational provision for this group of vulnerable children and young people.
  • In conjunction with schools to offer full time education for pupils with medical needs.
  • Ensure effective liaison with health professionals by schools, CHES and other AEP provision.

Assessment and Education Provision

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