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SEND Support Services

The Children's Service Authority (CSA) will retain specialist support services for children, their families and schools.  Some services will be provided as part of the statutory responsibility of the CSA particularly in assessment, individual casework, education welfare, hospital education, early years provision, education psychology and education out of school.

Other services offer specialist support to individual pupils, their families and schools.  These services will include the support for pupils with sensory impairment, augmentative and alternative communication, autistic spectrum disorder, dyslexia, physical disability and behavioural difficulties.  The effective monitoring of special education provision will ensure that appropriate provision is being made in schools and by support services.  The role of the special schools has been developed in context with existing support services to ensure coordinated and consistent advice is available.  Advanced skills teachers with expertise in SEN will increasingly feature in the evolving support structure.


Continuing support for parents will ensure that they have all necessary information and assistance that their concerns are listened to, that they know how to contact specialist support groups and to offer special partners or named persons where appropriate.

The support team will work closely with all staff in schools, both teachers and other support staff to provide high quality training or they will commission other trainers where necessary.  The training of all staff in all aspects of special education is essential to ensure we can make very good provision for our pupils.

Information that is specifically for schools can be found on School Messenger (please note that you must be registered to use this service).


Assessment and Education Provision

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