Literacy and Numeracy SATS Breakdown Sheets - Primary

The SATS Breakdown Sheets enable teachers to analyse the results of SATS by question type or assessment focus. They can be used to identify groups for intervention, inform target setting practices and highlight individual pupils strengths and areas for development.

A set of Literacy Notes and Numeracy Notes accompany the breakdown sheets to ensure that you are able make the most of them. We have also provided a YR4 (2006) Literacy Example and a Numeracy Example populated with dummy data, to illustrate how a populated sheet functions.

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If you have any questions regarding the use of the breakdown sheets, please contact the Directorate Support Team (Data and Statistics),

To access the SATS Breakdown Sheets: If you are a school or academy in Cornwall, you can access these sheets within corestats. If you are outside the local authority please email

These papers are the latest set issued by QCDA. They include 2006 papers for years 3, 4, and 5, 2009 papers for year 2 and 2013 papers for year 6 (YR6 Science discontinued in 2009). Older Papers are also available.


  • "Been out of special measures for just a year, and the grids are really allowing us to highlight 'groups' and areas of real achievement, backing up APP judgements."  St Mary and John's Catholic Primary, Erdington, Birmingham
  • "The sheets provide us with a host of data from only entering the individual pupil results once. Allowing others to use these bits of Excel Wizardry has saved us time and calculator batteries – it is much appreciated!" High Spen Primary School, Tyne & Wear
  • "I have been using your SATs breakdown sheets for some years now and find them an exceptional tool for identifying 'gaps' and next steps." Park Junior School, Castleford

RAISEonline has now released Question Level Analysis (QLA) functionality, replacing that in the DCSF Pupil Achievement Tracker. The Stats Team are monitoring this but for the moment recommend that Primary schools continue to use the Cornwall LA SATs Breakdown Sheets.

Directorate Support Team (Data and Statistics)