Adult Learning Grant

The Adult Learning Grant (ALG) gives a helping hand towards travel, study materials or other costs which you might incur while studying

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If you’re an adult taking a full-time course, you could get up to £30 per week during term time - around £1,000 a year

You can use ALG to study for a wide range of qualifications, including BTECs, NVQs, GCSEs and A-levels.

Please visit Adult Learning Grant (ALG) for further information.

The Government provides additional funding to colleges and sixth forms and some learning providers to help young people in need of financial support to stay in learning post 16.

This could help with covering the costs of things such as your transport, books or equipment, costs for trips / visits etc.

More details on the 16–19 Bursary can be found on the website or you can talk to your local provider about what financial assistance they may be able to offer you. 

Local Authorities no longer have responsibility for processing applications from new students who enter Higher Education.

Students have to apply directly to the new Student Finance England service.

Further information and application forms for all students are available by visiting the website or by calling 0845 300 50 90.

There is also information available on the DirectGov website about disabled students allowance.

Cornwall Council does not provide a grant towards school uniforms.  Each school's Governing Board are responsible for their policy on school uniform; therefore please contact your child's school to check if they offer assistance.