Nuffield Research Placements

Nuffield Research Placements

Nuffield Research Placements provide over 1,000 students each year with the opportunity to work alongside professional scientists, technologists, engineers and mathematicians.

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Students in the first year of a post-16 science, technology, engineering and maths (STEM) course are eligible to apply. Placements are available across the UK, in universities, commercial companies, voluntary organisations and research institutions.

Nuffield Research Placements are administered at a regional level by a network of Nuffield coordinators.

We particularly encourage students who don't have a family history of going to university or who attend schools in less well-off areas. We make sure no-one is excluded on a financial basis by covering students' travel costs. Some students may also be eligible for a weekly bursary in addition to travel expenses. Your regional coordinator will be able to advise on eligibility.

For further information, please see the Nuffield Foundation website.

Contact for schools in Cornwall – Rachel Delourme Tel: 01872 325070

Next steps

  • Students should read the Guidance for Students document and the Nuffield Research Case Studies Guide before working with your teacher and your family to complete an Application.
  • Successful applicants will be notified and work will begin to liaise with a project provider.
  • A compulsory induction session will take place during the summer term.
  • The placement is four weeks and will take place during the school summer holidays.

Nuffield Student 2013

Ace McDermott from Bodmin College attended a 2013 Nuffield Research Placement,  to read Ace McDermotts' s story on the Nuffield Website.