Education and Early Years Service

The Education and Early Years Service sits within the Children, Families and Adults Directorate.

All children young people and families in Cornwall are entitled to world class education that helps them to achieve the best possible outcomes at every stage. Education is a critical element of the infrastructure of Cornwall. It will be high quality, sustainable and flexible to meet the changing needs of the residents of Cornwall from birth to adulthood. The provision of world class educational opportunities underpins and drives the development of the economic prosperity for Cornwall.

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The Service actively engages in key partnerships such as the Children’s Trust Board, Raising Aspiration and Achievement Board and Employment & Skills Board, to promote partnership working that delivers improved outcomes for children and young people in Cornwall. The Education Strategy provides ambition, focus and resources for developing world class education opportunities.

We will ensure effective systems are in place to support the statutory duties placed on the Council in respect of the Children and Families Act 2014 and the SEND Code of Practice 0-25 2015.

Our partners are children and young people, their families, schools and settings, health providers and commissioners, adult and children’s social care and voluntary sector organisations.

We work together to:

  • Ensure children and young people with special educational needs can access the educational provision they require
  • Achieve positive outcomes such as independence, community inclusion and employment as well as appropriate academic attainments.
  • Encourage a culture of high aspiration

 Find out more by visiting the Special Educational Needs File.

This team, consisting of staff from the Early Years Improvement Team, the Family Information Service, Childcare Training and the Child Development Centres, works to ensure that Cornwall Council fulfils its duties under the Childcare Acts of 2006 and 2016. We also implement the Integrated Early Years Strategy (2016-18), support the delivery of the Education Strategy within Cornwall and contributes to the Raising Aspiration and Achievement Strategy. The team support the work of the School Effectiveness team with regard to children who access early years provision on school sites, both prior to and after they have started the reception year

Cornwall Adult Education Service is a community based organisation which currently makes use of over 350 venues across the county to reflect its commitment to make learning as accessible as possible. The service seeks to provide a learning programme which enables all adults in the county to develop their skills, knowledge, judgement, interests and creativity, whatever their particular needs

We are responsible for the Education Welfare Service and championing children’s rights to education and inclusion. We implement the Council’s Pupil Place Planning Strategy (2015-20) to ensure the greatest possible provision of school places and access to them throughout Cornwall which includes management of all school admissions and children’s transport entitlement. We also work to ensure the quality and standards of schools’ infrastructure.

Functions include:

Education welfare services for schools and pupils, including; Elective Home Education, education provision for vulnerable pupils including children excluded from or missing from school, unable to attend school for medical / health reasons and children without a school place; School Admissions, Pupil and Student Transport, Education Capital Programmes, Policy and Organisation, Equality and Diversity and Services for Schools.

The School Effectiveness Team supports the delivery and improvement of education for children and young people aged 0 - 18 years old. It identifies, develops and sustains effective partnerships with all education providers, ensuring improved outcomes for children and young people. Officers coordinate school improvement support and challenge for maintained primary and secondary schools, other schools and settings irrespective of status, as appropriate for these institutions in the delivery area.

In addition the Head of School Effectiveness provides strategic and tactical leadership for the Children in Care Education Support Service (CiCESS) and on behalf of both Children in Care to the Local Authority and those placed into Cornwall by other authorities to:

  • Extend and develop educational opportunities and enable them to access such opportunities
  • To improve the educational achievement of Children in Care
  • Promote the social and emotional well-being of Children in Care

Pathways to employment is the 5th priority of Cornwall’s RAAS strategy (2014/15). It encompasses the key factors that impact upon the Raising the Participation Age (RPA) agenda in addition to contributing to the Employment and Skills Strategy for Cornwall and the Isles of Scilly.

The P2E team facilitates collaborative working with partners to develop and implement a shared strategy for Cornwall addressing the 11 – 25 pathways and RPA agenda. In particular, this includes:

The Partnerships and Improvement Team is responsible for commissioning, strategy, partnership and funding programmes that support complex and vulnerable families and emotional resilience and wellbeing of young people. The team works closely with a range of services, organisations and partnerships including the Health and Wellbeing Board, Children's Trust Board, Safer Cornwall, the Employment & Skills Board and Local Nature Partnership to find innovative approaches to supporting wellbeing and integration of services. The team with services to identify ways of enhancing mainstream resources through transformation programmes, in particular maximising European and other sources of funding to promote participation and employment and access to work for those furthest from the labour market.