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Standing Advisory Council for Religious Education

Standing Advisory Councils on Religious Education known as SACREs are responsible for advising local authorities on RE and collective worship.  There are more than a hundred SACREs in England and Wales, each composed of four representative groups (or three in Wales): Christian and other religious denominations; the Church of England (except Wales), teachers' associations and elected councillors. 

The Cornwall SACRE Constitution carry out a range of responsibilities, from providing support to implementing the agreed syllabus to monitoring local schools' Ofsted inspection reports on RE.  We are required to publish an annual report that we send to the Qualifications and Curriculum Authority (QCA), who in turn, publish a report that provides an overall picture of the work of SACREs nationally.


As well as providing advice, a SACRE has the responsibility to:

  • Decide whether the LA's agreed syllabus for RE needs to be reviewed and, if so, require them to do so;
  • Provide advice to the LA on collective worship in its schools (although not in the case of voluntary aided or controlled schools); and
  • Consider any request from headteachers to hold collective worship that is not of a broadly Christian character.

SACRE's agendas and minutes 

If you would like to view SACRE's agenda and minutes from meetings please use the following link to the Committee details for SACRE

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Cornwall SACRE

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