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Budget consultation

Cornwall Council is working on its budget for next year and also looking ahead to be prepared for further cuts in our budget up to 2018/19.

Since 2010 the Council has found savings of £170 million largely due to a significant reduction in the amount of funding we received from the Government. We expect another reduction in Government funding which will require further savings of £196 million by 2018/19. During September and October 2013 the Council asked partners and the public where they think the Council can make these future savings. The feedback from the programme of budget consultation and engagement was shared with Cabinet to help inform their draft budget.


The Cabinet put forward a recommendation to Cornwall Council for the Corporate Business Plan and Budget 2014-19 which all members considered and approved on 26 November 2013. A programme of service reviews, as set out in Appendix 6 to the report, will now be undertaken.

It was agreed in principle that Council Tax will increase next year, and each year until 2018/19, by 1.97%.

Appendix 11 to the report is the summary of the consultation and engagement feedback written by the Cabinet portfolio holder for Finance and Resources.

The overview of the budget consultation and engagement programme includes all the comments received from the public meetings, via the haveyoursay@cornwall.gov.uk email address, our meeting with partners, our town and parish councils summit event, and the results of You Choose the online budget simulator.

The original savings proposals were published on 2 October 2013 by the Cabinet.

Thank you to everyone for your feedback and suggestions. In total more than 2,100 people took part in the Council's budget consultation and engagement programme.

A range of consultation and engagement methods were used including:

  • 23 public events attended by more than 600 people
  • A statutory partner discussion attended by over 100 representatives from the public, private and community and voluntary sector. This session was webcast live – with a further 250 taking part online
  • A discussion with 80 Town and Parish Councillors
  • The “Have Your Say” email address which received over 300 suggestions
  • An online budget simulator ‘You Choose’ with 1,002 participants
  • An online survey with staff which generated more than 1,200 suggestions

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