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Hard Choices online survey responses

People who responded to our Hard Choices survey told us:

The top five service areas they would be most prepared to accept a lower level of service:


1. Cultural services – Cornish language, grants to support arts, museums, performing arts, theatre and festivals

2. Newquay Cornwall Airport

3. Localism (community networks, support for town and parish councils, local regeneration, working with communities)

4. Cornwall Records Office (archives)

5. Conservation and historic environment

The top five service areas they would be least prepared to accept a lower level of service:

1. Children with disabilities

2. Adult care

3. Fire and rescue

4. Child protection

5. Children and young people’s social care

More information is available in our graph showing the top five services people identified to make cuts from or protect.

Top 10 online survey and email response suggestions to make savings:

1. Cancel plans for option A Penzance harbour development

2. Reduce pay of higher earning officers

3. Spend less on back office and managers

4. Spend less on or sell Newquay Airport

5. Reduce use of street lighting

6. Reduce staff benefits (sick pay, pensions, travel allowance, refreshments)

7. Protect vulnerable people (including but not limited to disabled adults and children)

8. Reduce Councillors pay and benefits

9. Spend less on communications (including branding, leaflets and advertising, article in paper)

10. Work more with voluntary sector organisations/ volunteers

Top 10 messages from public and stakeholder meetings to make savings:

1. Save on staff and Members pay and benefits

2. Protect adult care services

3. Use accommodation better/ spend less on offices/ sell land

4. Make back office/ management cuts

5. Increase recycling and collect rubbish less frequently

6. Don’t raise car parking costs

7. Improve communications

8. Reflect local differences

9. Reduce use of consultants

10. Protect children’s services

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