Cornwall’s total population is 532,300 (2011 Census), see 2011 Census at a Glance for details. 

The population of Cornwall is not only gradually increasing but also changing demographically. 

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In line with national trends, Cornwall's population is getting older as average life expectancy continues to rise.  This has been bolstered by the cumulative effect of working age net migration over the last 30 years.

Historically Cornwall has experienced high levels of outward migration of those between the ages of 16-29.  However, the expansion in the higher education infrastructure and better employment prospects has led to reductions of younger people leaving Cornwall.  These trends are neither fixed or guaranteed and are fragile.

The age structure of Cornwall's population (solid bars), compared to England and Wales (outlined bars) can be viewed in the files below. The 2013 figures are a Mid Year Estimate.  

Cornwall's population has been growing steadily since the 1960s; it has consistently grown quicker than the rest of the South West region, and is amongst the fastest growing areas in the UK. The growth can be viewed in the Cornwall Popluation Growth Chart.

The Demographic Evidence Base for Cornwall (Note: archive September 2011) presents trends in Cornwall's demographics, including migration, life expectancy, births and deaths.

Main official sources of data: