The links and document below are the main resources for business and economy data and research.  As well as the top level analysis, there are key graphs or graphics available to download or insert into your own documents, and more detailed analysis if you are interested in more in-depth statistics, including monthly Labour Market Analysis.  Refer to other recommended sources if you can't find what you're looking for. 

Top level analysis

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  • Cornwall's economy at a glance - a simple summary of all the essential facts on Cornwall’s economy including how we measure up to other unitaries and counties (December 2012).
  • Cost of Living - This paper highlights some indicators of the cost of living in Cornwall. Where possible, costs are compared to regional or national levels (December 2012).
  •  Worklessness - key messages on people out of work in Cornwall and barriers to employment (December 2012).
  • Is rapid growth the right target? - Think piece on post-recession approaches to growth (Note: archived document, Jan 2010)

Economic activity (download original image) - Proportions of people employed and unemployed, by category.


Unemployment and jobseekers allowance claimants (download original image) - the unemployment and Jobseeker Allowance claimant rates since 2005.


  • Economic Deprivation Index - The Economic Deprivation Index (EDI) is a measure of economic deprivation for small areas.
  • Economic monthly monitoring - a detailed monthly report on the international, national and local economic climate.
  • Labour Market Analysis - a detailed monthly document which examines the latest labour market data for Cornwall focusing on the Jobseekers Allowance claimant count, vacancy data and the most recent material from the Annual Population Survey.
  • Cornwall Retail Study -  The first ever study to look at the retail picture on a countywide basis. It forms part of the Local Development Framework (planning and development policy) evidence base.
  • Employment Land Review - A detailed technical study into the future demand for, and supply of, employment space in Cornwall.  It forms part of the Local Development Framework (planning and development policy) evidence base.
  • Nomis web - detailed and up-to-date labour market (and key population) statistics from official sources for local areas throughout the UK.  Includes unemployment and working age benefit statistics.
  • Office for National Statistics - the Government's official statistics website.
  • Eurostat - The main statistics website for the European Union.  Includes compariable indicators for all regions of Europe.  Data for Cornwall and the Isles of Scilly can be found under 'Regional Statistics'.