Consultation and participation

Views on local priorities

This analysis examines the results of a number of surveys and exercises designed to find out what people in Cornwall think:

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  1. Community network area issues lists (2009/10)
  2. Place Survey (2008)
  3. Quality of Life Survey (2007)
  4. Young People's Manifesto (2011)
  5. Partners and Communities Together (PACT)
  6. Tell Us Survey of children and young people (2009)

This analysis does not explore local variations or differences between rural and urban areas and issues that may be particularly important to vulnerable people are not identified.

  • Consistent top issues for the public - Income and jobs, issues related to traffic and transport, activities for children and young people and affordable housing are consistently highlighted as the most important issues to the public.
  • Key linked challenges - A group of linked problems have been identified by both adults and children and young people around places and activities, anti-social behaviour, public transport, money for activities, bullying, alcohol use, a lack of confidence about future educational attainment.

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