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A message about our Council tax stories from Cabinet Member for Finance and Resources, Alex Folkes

We hope you enjoy these films.  During our budget consultation last year, we talked to lots of people who wanted to know more about how their money was spent by Cornwall Council. Film is often the best way to communicate these messages and also a great way to get across the very real human impact your council tax has on our people and places.

We’ve kept the costs down of communicating where your Council Tax goes by producing this film using in-house resources, meaning no additional money was spent on producing it. In real terms this has equalled approximately 24 hours of officer time. And we have slimmed down the envelope that will drop through your door containing your council tax bill so that each bill costs 11.5 pence less to post than last year - saving £35,000 across Cornwall.

As you may be aware, the Council faces huge challenges looking ahead. We know that we will have to make savings of around £196 million over the next five years, thanks largely to cuts in government funding. How we meet that challenge is a debate we want to continue to have with as many residents, businesses and visitors as possible who want to have their say.

But despite funding cuts, we are doing what we can to continue 'Working for Cornwall'… the stories contained on this page are just a snapshot of where your money goes. I’d urge you to view the rest of the Council Tax pages to learn more about how your money is spent. And if you have any questions or views on what you see or read, please contact us at

We called the film Working for Cornwall because genuinely, that is what your council tax helps us to achieve. Up and down Cornwall we have been working hard to deliver the basics, invest in communities and protect the most vulnerable.

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