Saltash Town Council celebrates taking over management of Saltash Pontoon

The management of Saltash Pontoon has been transferred from Cornwall Council to Saltash Town Council, securing the future of this important amenity for Saltash residents and visitors.

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The pontoon is a well-used facility on the town’s waterfront, providing a base for local fetes and events such as the Saltash Regatta as well as being used as a mooring point for up to 12 boats.  The pontoon has recently undergone a major refurbishment and overhaul by Cornwall Council and re-opened to the public in June.

Management of the pontoon has been transferred to the town council, in advance of a community freehold transfer, under Cornwall Council’s localism and devolution scheme for the benefit of the local community.

Saltash Town Council have ambitious plans to improve facilities on the waterfront area as part of their aspirations to manage and service community facilities locally, with more local accountability, control and direction.  The town council have already employed a warden to deal with any day to day issues in the waterfront area as a first step towards increasing their role in undertaking improvements and providing local management of waterfront facilities.

Jean Dent, Mayor of Saltash, said: “I am very pleased to see this site transfer to local management. It is one of a number of community assets and services that the town council intend to take on.  We look forward to managing and running it locally and expect it to become an even more popular outdoor location for Saltash residents and visitors.”

Edwina Hannaford, Cornwall Council Cabinet Member for Neighbourhoods, said: “Saltash Town Council have a strong track record of working with Cornwall Council to deliver localism and devolution projects and delivering frontline services.   When they approached us with a plan to take ownership of the pontoon, we were keen to be able to help them realise their local ambition. Saltash Town Council’s proactive approach to taking more control over local assets is a great example of devolution in action. Devolution at its most worthwhile is about finding the best long term local custodians of an asset, in this case a waterfront feature that is valued by the local community. I applaud their innovative approach to working with the Council and providing an excellent service to their community.”

Derek Holley, Cornwall Councillor for Saltash East, said: “This is great news for Saltash.  The pontoon is in a central position on the waterfront and plays a big part in local celebrations like the Saltash Regatta.  With Saltash Town Council taking on the ownership and management of the pontoon, local people will be able to continue to enjoy it for many years to come.”

This asset transfer by Cornwall Council is part of the Council’s within Cornwall devolution programme to allow assets to be managed locally for the benefit of local communities.

Story posted 12 July 2017