Recovery effort continues today to help Coverack community back on their feet after devastating floods

Cornwall Council and partner agencies are continuing to work with affected residents in Coverack to support recovery operations after the village was hit by devastating floods on Wednesday afternoon.

In total, around 50 properties were affected by the flooding and a small number of people were displaced.

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Temporary accommodation is currently being sought for three people who have been displaced and cannot immediately return home.

So residents can access support quickly, Community Link Officers from Cornwall Council will be on hand at the Paris Hotel in Coverack to provide help today and tomorrow between 10am and 4pm.  The Link Officer will coordinate help from multiple agencies where needed, providing a single point of contact.

Residents can also call the Cornwall Council emergency line on 0800 7313247 with any questions, queries and concerns.

A second meeting will also be held to update residents and respond to any questions. This meeting will be held at the Paris Hotel at 11am on Friday 21 July, The meeting will be hosted by Council Leader Adam Paynter.

Councillor Paynter, who visited the site yesterday, said: “The way authorities, businesses and the local community has pulled together in the face of such a devastating event has been remarkable. The response we have seen from all quarters shows the true spirit of Cornwall.  It reflects how we pull together in the face of adversity and highlights the special essence of village communities.

“From partner agencies such as utilities to tourism and waste management, we are united in trying to help rebuild the Coverack community as quickly as possible.  We have also seen generous support from businesses such as Sainsburys who have offered help with food deliveries through to Warren’s Bakery who provided a welcome delivery of pasties yesterday,” he said.

The Cornwall community has been quick to respond to the flash flooding with offers of assistance. The Council is working with Volunteer Cornwall who will coordinate offers of assistance from members of the community to provide support.  Offers of assistance can be reported via 0800 7313247 .

The Cornwall Community Foundation has also confirmed that financial assistance can be provided to affected residents needing immediate help. Details on how to access this can be obtained from the Community Link Officers or from the Cornwall Council emergency line - 0800 7313247.

Following safety checks by utility companies and an assessment yesterday, work to repair the main road in to the village began this morning.

We are working with the local landowners to identify locations to provide temporary parking for residents.

Initial removal of domestic waste was completed yesterday where access was available.  Plans are being drawn up to help residents and businesses dispose of household goods and debris.  Two lockable skips are already on route to the village this morning, with further skips being organised to deal with different types of waste.

As reported yesterday, pollution from a broken sewer line remains a health concern.  South West Water has carried out an initial assessment and confirm that there are no reported issues with mains supply drinking water however, the main sewage line has been breached which means the local streams and beach may be contaminated.  Precautionary warning signs have been placed near the beach and two local streams.

People are advised not to go near the water and if they come in contact with the water to make sure they wash their hands and follow good hygiene practices. Precautions should also be taken with regards to pets and livestock.

Anyone who gets their water from a private water supply such as a borehole, spring or well which has potentially been covered by floodwater is advised to look out for a change in water quality, such as the water becoming discoloured or there is a change in taste or smell, should assume the water is unsafe to drink unless boiled and should continue to use boiled water for drinking and bathing until the supply has been tested and shown to be safe.  

The Council’s website has useful information on flood recovery and we will be posting updates specifically about what is happening in Coverack.

People who wish to make a donation can do so via Cornwall Live’s just giving page.

Agencies who have been working with Cornwall Council to provide assistance to the Coverack community include CORMAC, Cornwall Fire and Rescue and Community Safety Service, Environment Agency, South West Water, HM Coastguard, Volunteer Cornwall, Public Health Cornwall and Devon and Cornwall Police.

Story posted 20 July 2017