Devon and Cornwall Housing Association homes for people from outside Cornwall

You may have heard about a scheme about homes managed by Devon and Cornwall Housing Association being earmarked for people aged 60 plus who currently live in London.

This scheme has nothing to do with Cornwall Council. As an authority it is our aim to deliver affordable homes for our local people and we will continue to explore every avenue to achieve this and meet the housing need within Cornwall.

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The historic arrangement between DCH Association and the old Greater London Council is fully explained in the statement issued by DCH:-

“The 40 properties at Penwartha Road, Ilogan were transferred to DCH from the former Greater London Council in the 1980s, under a scheme called Seaside and Country Homes. These homes were built by the former Greater London Council (GLC) as part of a GLC initiative in the 1960’s. There are similar properties in other areas of the country.

As part of this transfer agreement the majority of these properties are let through the Seaside and Country Homes scheme which enables a small number of older people living in London to retire to other areas, releasing family-sized properties for affordable rent.

We advertise hundreds of properties for local people each year and unfortunately on this occasion two properties on this scheme had been advertised through Cornwall Homechoice by DCH as being available when they were only available through the Seaside and Country Homes scheme. We withdrew the properties as soon as we realised, and before they had been formally offered. We are sorry for the error on this occasion and have put systems in place to ensure it doesn’t happen again.

DCH has over 9,000 affordable homes in Cornwall. Last year we built over 100 new affordable homes year and we have plans to build around a further 1,500 over the next 5 years.”

Posted 11 June 2013