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Cornwall Conversations Panel

Join our Cornwall Conversations Panel and help us to understand residents' priorities and preferences by giving us your feedback, ideas and views on how we deliver our services.


We would be seeking to regularly ask you about your views on how satisfied you are with the public services you receive.

A number of residents have already signed up to the Cornwall Conversations Panel and agreed to share their opinions on issues of importance in Cornwall ranging from the environment to adult social care and roads.

We are looking for more volunteers to join the panel so we can hear a variety of different views; the only requirement is that you live in Cornwall and are aged 14 or over.

If you are a resident and interested in joining the Cornwall Conversations Panel please complete the Cornwall conversations online form.

Cornwall Council will treat all information as confidential, we will only use the information you provide for consultation purposes and we will not pass it onto other organisations.

Feedback from the panel will help us to identify and concentrate on particular issues and needs in your communities, as well as providing views on how we can improve how we deliver our services.

We expect the panel to be a valuable source of information on what local people think about Cornwall and the council services they use, as well as giving us an important insight into how people's views change over time.

The sorts of questions we want feedback on include: How people feel the changes to library hours have affected them, how easy people find it to contact the council and how clean they feel their streets are.

Panel members will be asked to complete online questionnaires at least four times a year.

We will let panel members know the results from the questionnaire surveys and how this will affect what we do.

All your feedback will be reported anonymously and all personal information will be kept confidential and protected by the Data Protection Act.

The Cornwall Conversations Panel is one of the ways we have of tapping into local opinion about Council services and facilities and the Panels views are valuable to us.

We use what the Panel members tell us, along with Cornwall Councillors’ views, to help shape how we provide services in the future.

Panel survey results

Cornwall Conversations panel

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Join the panel online