One Stop Shops


One stop shops bring information on Council services closer to where you live, including information on library services, housing, benefits, council tax, disabled parking badges and refuse and recycling.

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We can offer advice on how to get information about applying for Council services online.  Most One Stop Shops have free internet access to the Council's website and other public service websites. One Stop Shops can take payments for council services.

You can find out the address and opening hours of your nearest One Stop Shop by entering your postcode into My Local Area, or select one from the menu.

We've made changes to some of our One Stop Shops. Some of our one stop shops have moved in to the local library, making it easier to access more council services from a single site.

Following a review of how the Council provides benefits advice we no longer provide face to face benefits assessment staff in One Stop Shops.

Assessment staff were previously available at specific times at St Austell, Penzance, Camborne, Truro, Newquay and Liskeard one stop shops however, analysis has shown that over 80% of face to face customer contact with benefits staff was to hand in documents. As there is no longer a legal requirement for original documents from those applying for benefits, customers will be asked to post copies to a central address or be directed to a secure post box on site.

Staff have been trained to identify exceptions, such as extreme vulnerability, and will also signpost to other organisations to ensure those who need additional help receive it.

Advice is available by phone from the Assessment Team on 0300 1234 121 or via the website

This approach will support the wider council requirement of saving £2m over the next 4 years through encouraging customers to access services via the Council’s website or contact centre.