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Chairman's blog

4 August 2014

August the fourth 1914 was not a day of sadness; it was one of anxiety, fear and regret that we once again had to go to war.  Those who ‘signed up’ or were already in the forces were full of hope and confident that the conflict would all be over by Christmas.


On that day one hundred years ago the people of this country had no idea of the horrors that lay ahead.  They were in fact full of hope and expected that once again the might of the British Empire would prevail.

It was with this in mind that I chose to remember those men who died within 32 hours of war being declared.  Death is final; statistics dissolve into insignificance when it becomes personal.  We must do all we can to encourage and support small communities with their acts of commemoration and remembrance.

Cornwall with its small population, very close communities and very strong sense of identity meant that all losses were even more poignant.  Despite social mobility we still have communities where just a few surnames are dominant and locals remain living in ‘family homes’.  These populations have responded not only with enthusiasm but very much with respect and reverence when it comes to remembering their distant relations.

A classic example of this was the wonderful coming together of the people of Mevagissey and Heligan gardens at the weekend.

I sincerely hope that everyone in their own way, no matter what they believe, will in some way, reflect on today and do all they can to ensure that a war of this magnitude never happens again.

You may contact me by e-mail:  johnwood@cornwall.gov.uk


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