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Chairman's blog

27 January 2015

Gone are the days when January was a quiet month and the only pressing concern was to keep everyone warm and safe.


The Arts and especially music come to the fore at the fore this time of the year.  Reading the Cornwall Music Hub newsletter demonstrates clearly how much hard work is going on in the field of music in Cornwall.  Music is not always about talent, those taking part clearly demonstrate the comradeship and pleasure they get out of being a member of a musical group. 

If you have an inclination to join in or would just like to be a supporter then do please step forward. Most bands, choirs and orchestras would welcome you with open arms.  Not only musicians and singers but also fundraisers, refreshment providers and general helpers are needed by many such groups.

For example in my own division and with support from the Roche  Parish Council and some ‘community chest’ monies from myself Roche now has a thriving Youth Band and Senior Band. But this has really been down to a few individuals who really worked hard to make it happen.   Band music is really strong in the ‘clays’ with bands in Indian Queens, St Dennis, Roche and Bugle to name but a few.

Tuition is normally free and most bands will lend instruments so all the young people have to do is turn up.  It’s great to see so many young people supported by able and willing adults working hard to ensure that the tradition of bands in Cornwall remains.

I must start off by wishing everyone a happy and healthy 2015 and beyond.

I had a lovely Christmas enjoying the company of my family who travelled down to join us.

I really do enjoy the ‘run up’ to Christmas with the opportunity to attend so many wonderful carol concerts and services. Thank you to everyone who sent me a Christmas card they were very much appreciated.

Jean and I were very fortunate in having an invitation to attend the Cornwall Youth Brass Band Gala Concert held in St Michael’s Church Newquay.  In a word it was fabulous. The enthusiasm, dedication and commitment of the young people shone through.  The standard was amazing and its little wonder that here in Cornwall we have the best brass bands in the World.  I do not say this lightly why else do others keep poaching our best conductors and composers? Fortunately for us they jump at every opportunity to return to Cornwall hence in Newquay we were enthralled by having the ‘Best of Cornwall’ coached and conducted by the best from Cornwall.

I understand that this year is the 120th anniversary of C.Y.B.B. and they are organising concerts later in the year.  Having now had the opportunity to see them my fear is that it will be really difficult to get a seat! These young people epitomise the best of all that Cornwall has to offer. They clearly demonstrate just how great the majority of our young people are and we must do all we can to support them.

You may contact me by e-mail: johnwood@cornwall.gov.uk


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