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Chairman's blog

27 June 2014

It was a week ago that we held the event ‘Balls, Buns and Charity Fun’, our annual cricket match and bake-off competition.  I now have an update on the money raised and who the recipients will be.  A grand total of £810.00 was raised for the Invictus Trust.  This is a small Cornish charity which aims to support and offer services to local teenagers who are suffering from poor mental health and associated issues. The charity was set up in January 2010 and is dedicated to the memory of teenager Ben Cowburn, who struggled with mental health issues.  Thank you to everybody that helped raised funds last week.


Today I attended the opening ceremony of the Sainsbury’s School Games.  They had planned to accommodate 3000 or more children of all ages from both the public and private education sectors. Sadly yesterday’s weather meant that decisions had to be made before today’s event. The outdoor activities were all postponed because of the forecast which was for very heavy thundery showers.

However despite the ‘last minute’ changes being made, the main dance spectacular held in the drama hall at Richard Lander School was just that - ‘spectacular’. The children coped so well and performed superbly despite the changes of location and choreography. Some of the teachers looked a little stressed but they had no need to worry, as it was a most enjoyable and colourful event. There were too many people and organisations involved to thank everyone, so I am just going to say thank you to everybody!  You made me feel so welcome, the hospitality and organisation was top class.  You really have raised the bar for the St Austell Schools as all eyes will be on you next year.

Rising money for charity and having some fun should go hand in hand.

This is precisely what happened last Friday, when once again the Officers in County Hall took on the Members in a cricket match kindly hosted by Truro Cricket Club.

Carrying on in the fine tradition of ‘It’s the taking part that counts’ we lost, so the Officers side retained the trophy for another year.

If I remember rightly, last year the Officers took advantage of the appalling weather.  Despite my protestations to get the game abandoned and thus declared a draw, the umpires (who just happened to be Officers) insisted that the match was played out!

This year risking heat stroke and heat exhaustion, once again the valiant band of Members were expected to ‘stand their ground’ and endure the heat.

Maybe just one year we will have a ‘level playing field’ the weather will be perfect and the Officers will pick a team from the first 123 people to walk through the door and not from the almost 2000 employees available!

The accompanying ‘Bake-Off ‘ cake competition was well supported and the products superb. Thanks to all the bakers and congratulations to the winners.  I was fortunate because I had to judge the Truro cakes which sadly meant I had to taste every  one.  My life is so tough at times!

Thank you to everyone who bought a slice of cake, donated a raffle prize and to all the raffle ticket sellers and buyers, a special mention because you helped us to raise a lot of money.

I am so enjoying the fabulous weather, and it is reassuring to see so many fields cleared of their hay and silage.  At last the farmers have had a decent spell of weather but now of course many of them are hoping for a short spell of rain.  In a perfect world it would only rain at night! Let us hope that if the weather does break it is only for a few days and then we can all enjoy a wonderful summer.

I was fortunate enough to recently attend the Youth Challenge Awards ceremony at the China Fleet Club in Saltash.  These awards are for those young people who have attended and reached a nationally recognised standard in a number of disciplines whilst experiencing a week away from home on camp.  I really do take my hat off to the ‘army’ of volunteers who give of their time (for many of them their holidays) to help run these events.  So many of the young participants have encountered problems at school for a variety of reasons, and a week away does make all the difference. Meeting likeminded young people and discovering that ‘yes I can really achieve’ really does raise their self-esteem and help them to get their lives back on track.  I had the great honour of presenting the awards and medals.  I sincerely wish all the young people well and I am confident that in years to come they really will have some fond memories to cherish.  These weeks are organised annually by the Army but in no way do they take the form of a ‘Boot Camp’ or recruiting exercise, the events really are tailored to meet the demands of the young participants.

On Tuesday 27 May, I attended the Penlee House Gallery and Museum in Penzance to greet the Duke and Duchess of Gloucester on their official visit.  Once again the sun shone on Penzance, it was a magnificent morning. The recently refurbished museum and gallery is well worth a visit, the paintings on display truly reflect the best of the best that can be found anywhere in Cornwall.

On Friday 30 May, I took some time out with the family and we walked all around Flushing, Mylor and Restronguet.  Having left Roche which was shrouded in thick cloud we were delighted to find the sunshine.  Our walk really did encompass all that Cornwall has to offer and demonstrated why we do live in this wonderful Duchy despite its difficulties.  I sincerely hope that we have a great holiday season and I wish all who make a living in the tourist industry a very successful year.

We all hate having to think too far ahead but at times it is unavoidable. With this in mind I am inviting all Year Six children in Primary Education to consider entering my Christmas Card Competition. The theme of the card is ‘Cornwall - Land of Granite’ and entries must be submitted on paper no larger than A3 size before the 25 July 2014 and sent to the Chairman’s Office, Room 3E.01, County Hall, Truro, TR1 3AY.  There will be a prize for the chosen illustration and a selection of entries will be displayed before Christmas at County Hall, in Truro.  Judging will be by Cornish artist Dick Twinney.  I look forward to receiving your designs!

You may contact me by e-mail:  johnwood@cornwall.gov.uk

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