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Tithe Project

Tithe Digitisation

Cornwall Record Office (CRO) holds around 200 parish and town tithe maps and the accompanying survey books (apportionments), dating from c1840. These documents provide a fascinating snapshot of land use and ownership in the 19th century and can be useful for local, industrial, property and family history studies. The maps include boundaries of fields, woods, roads and rivers and locations of buildings. They follow old parish boundaries and are usually large scale. The apportionments give details of who owned and occupied land or properties, and what the land was used for.


Frequent use of the already fragile maps has taken its toll on the collection and some are now unfit for use due to their poor condition. In order to preserve the documents and improve access to them we have digitised the maps and survey books in conjunction with parish, town and district councils.

Eventually, we plan to make the images and accompanying databases of information available online. In the meantime, they are available as CDROM packages for purchase or use at the Record Office or Cornish Studies Library.

CDROM packages containing maps and apportionments are available for many parishes at a cost of £20 per package plus £5 postage and packaging. A discount of £5 is available for residents of certain parishes. We now have full digital coverage of all the parishes (where available)! Please follow the link below for full details.

Parishes available for purchase on CDROM

The CDROM are compatible with PCs running all versions of Microsoft Windows, but are not available for Apple Macintosh. To order a CDROM package please use the Tithe CDROM Order Form. If you would like to pay by debit or credit card please use the Credit/Debit Card Mandate Form.

The Tithe Apportionments provide the link between the landscape and people and are interesting sources whether viewed in conjunction with the map or on their own. The main challenge in using them is that they are arranged by landowner rather than plot number so tracing the information about a plot can be a time-consuming activity.

To overcome these barriers we ran a volunteer project to extract the data from the apportionments to make it available in a searchable format. Individuals and volunteers from Cornwall Online Parish Clerks and Cornwall Family History Society transcribed the digital survey books when they became available through the wider tithe project; the transcripts of these are in the process of being checked.

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