Donating and depositing items

Cornwall Record Office (CRO)

CRO is interested to hear from anyone with an interesting collection of records relating to Cornwall’s history. If you have responsibility for records of an organisation, or are an individual with a collection of records relating to your family, village or workplace please don’t hesitate to contact us. We are particularly keen to hear about records at risk, for example when a business or school is closing down.

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You can donate documents by gift or deposit (although we also receive documents through transfers, loans and by purchasing them). Gifting documents to the CRO means that they now belong to us; depositing documents means you continue to own them and we will care for them on your behalf, subject to terms and conditions.

The term ‘documents’ incorporates hand-written manuscripts, printed records, maps, plans, drawings and photographs, and also oral evidence, computer generated records, film, tape and digital records, provided that appropriate facilities are available for their specialist requirements of storage and consultation.

Cornwall Record Office will acquire:

  • Records of organisations, businesses, industries, societies, public and private institutions, families, individuals and other activities relevant to the history and life of Cornwall or people from Cornwall.
  • Cornwall Council’s own records and those of its predecessors.
  • Records of other local authorities and statutory bodies operating within Cornwall.
  • Records of the Diocese of Truro and its constituent parishes, rural deaneries and archdeaconries. 

The CSL aims to acquire at least one copy of every new publication produced in or about Cornwall, or by Cornish authors wherever they reside.

The definition of what constitutes a 'publication' is taken broadly, and includes conventional hardback and paperback books, pamphlets and booklets, serials (newspapers, newsletters, magazines, journals, annual reports), maps and charts, audio-visual recordings and the occasional mixed media pack (of, for instance, a booklet with information cards, a map or CDROM).  We also welcome donations of theses and photographic images.

Authors and publishers are invited to donate a copy of any new publication to the CSL to add to our collection (or at the very least to let us know of its existence). This is the best way to make certain that the work is available for study and preservation within Cornwall.