County Courts


The county courts are civil courts which deal mainly with the recovery of debts, but also with breach of contract, road accident claims, property possession cases, bankruptcy proceedings, company winding-up and child adoption cases.

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In the 1960s it was decided that the records of county courts should be transferred to the Public Record Office (now the National Archives), but most records were retained locally. In 1986 the Lord Chancellor recommended that because of the local interest of the records they should be placed with local record offices; guidance from the Lord Chancellor's department identified specific series of records for permanent preservation, either in entirely or by sampling. Accordingly, in 1988 County Court records for Falmouth, Newquay and Truro were transferred from local offices, and for Redruth from the Public Record Office.

Records for Falmouth, Newquay, Redruth and Truro County Courts (catalogue reference CT). All records carry a 30 year seal except those relating to adoption which are closed for 75 years.