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Cornwall Record Office Collections



These pages provide information about the main types of records held at Cornwall Record Office (CRO). The documents are set in context so that researchers can recognise and make use of a variety of sources. The information in this section reflects the way that records are sorted and listed at CRO, although pages within the sections are grouped for ease of navigation rather than by archival origin.

Each section describes a group ('series') of records, incorporating some background history and guidance on their use where appropriate. Please note any catalogue references and check them in our online catalogues. Not all of our collections are highlighted in these pages, so check the online catalogues for individual names, places, organisations and any other key terms.

The majority of the records held at CRO are available to the public, however, some records have restricted access due to legislation such as the Data Protection Act or the Freedom of Information Act. Please contact the Record Office for advice on particular records. 

Cornwall Record Office

Old County Hall

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