Interactive mapping help - how to search for a location

Jump to an address, street, town or village

When you first open this website, you are presented with a map of Cornwall.

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Generally, you will be interested in a specific area, rather than the whole county.

On the left-hand side of the mapping website window you will see the location search.

In this box you can enter any part of an address, a street name, a town or village.

Examples of valid searches are:

  • tr1 3ay
  • basset street redruth
  • st kew highway
  • 12 Windmill Hill Saltash Cornwall PL12 4DA
  • TR197PL

The results of your search are displayed in the area underneath the map. The results are displayed in three tabs – place, street and address. Each tab displays the number of results found in that category. Clicking on a tab will display the relevant table and highlight these results on the map. Clicking on a result will zoom the map in to that location.

Underneath the table of results is a 'Zoom to all these results' link. Clicking on this will make the map zoom in so that all the results are visible.

Case - Search is always case insensitive. Searching for bude is the same as searching for Bude, BUDE or even bUdE. 

Every word matters - all the words you put in the box will be used in the search.

Less is more - If you don't get any results returned try entering less words in the search box.

Quotes - Putting double quotes ("") around words will only return results where those words appear together in that order. Searching for "Liskeard Road" Callington will only return address for Liskeard Road, Callington, whereas searching for Liskeard Road Callington (without quotes) will also return addresses for Callington Road, Liskeard.

Addresses - If you have a full postal address, you do not need to type every detail into the search box. On average a postcode will return 12 properties.

Postcodes - It does not matter if you use a space or not between the two parts of a postcode. Searching for PL113JQ is the same as searching for PL11 3JQ.

Basemaps - The location search data is separate to all of the basemaps

Next to each result is a 'Report it' link. Please take the time to report an incorrect result. Whether it's an address in the wrong location or just a simple spelling mistake, we want to know about it so we can correct and improve the data.
The 'Report it link' will open an email. The to and subject fields will be completed for you. Please give as much detail as you can in this email.
Underneath each table of results, or if no results are found, there is a 'Report a missing' link.  If you believe your search should have returned a place, street or address, please use this link to tell us about the missing features.  The more feedback we receive, the better the search tool will be.

When you report an error, you will receive this automated response:

    Thank you for your feedback. We will endeavour to investigate this issue and respond to you in due course, however we cannot guarantee feedback at this time. Please note that the addresses used on our website are not necessarily the same as the postal address, neither are they guaranteed to be the same as those held by Revenues and Benefits or the Electoral Role. The harmonisation of the various address databases held by the Council is an ongoing and continuous process which the information you have provided today will greatly assist.
The "Report it" function is not a substitute for the formal Street Naming and Numbering process. Please visit our street naming and numbering webpage for more information.

Underneath each table of results is a 'Print results' link. This will open the table (without the 'Report an error' column) in a new window and the print dialogue box will open.

In the address results table, there is a field named status.  An address can have a status of:

In the address results table, there is a field named status.  An address can have a status of:

  • Approved - The current, approved and in-use address.
  • Alternative - A secondary, unofficial address by which the property is sometimes known.
  • Provisional - An unofficial address that is awaiting confirmation.