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Devolution giving communities more

What is 'Devolution'?

Devolution can take several forms, ranging from devolved local management arrangements, through to full devolution of the responsibility for a service that Cornwall Council will no longer have responsibility. We are keen to pursue a comprehensive and ambitious programme of devolution packages with Town and Parish Councils and community groups.


To contact a member of the team please email localism@cornwall.gov.uk.

Initial discussions with Towns and Parishes should usually begin with your local Cornwall Councillor or Community Network Manager, who will help you to shape your ideas, and liaise with the Devolution Team. As the process gets into more detailed negotiations the Devolution team become involved and liaise with appropriate managers in the service and support departments. Your approach will be logged, and details entered onto a spreadsheet along with devolution proposals from other councils. This will allow the Team to look at possible ‘cluster’ arrangements, and link to devolution proposals being put forward by Cornwall Council services, so that the potential for more cost effective packages of services and assets can be examined. It has been found to be easier to keep meetings informal and many Town and Parish Councils have identified a lead member or set up a sub-committee to take forward the negotiations.

The guidelines for selecting devolution packages include:

1.  You may find information in this link helpful - Devolution Framework for Town and Parish Councils and Community Groups.

2. Town / Parish Council should produce a business case for the devolution package to demonstrate it understands the risks, has the knowledge, skills and capacity to take on the package and will offer a local community benefit. The Devolution team will work with the Localism team and colleagues to support you in producing a business case.

3. We are happy to look at a staged approach to devolution. Some Councils feel its sensible to take on a limited devolution scheme first, and as their skills and confidence increase, they are keen to consider taking on more services in the future.

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