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Emergency Management - Flooding

Flooding of small parts of the County is a common problem - and some say it will become more frequent as a result of global climate changes.

The Council's approach to providing emergency assistance during times of flooding is as follows:

  • The Council will provide engineering advice on ways residents can alleviate the risk of flooding to their properties if requested and issue general guidance to all properties in the area of their roles and responsibilities under the Land Drainage Act 1991. The Council will provide, if possible, during times of severe flooding, engineering advice on site to assist with the use of resources and control the situation where appropriate.
  • Provide building inspections through our Building Control department
  • The Council will assist with the dissemination of Environment Agency flood warnings where appropriate.
  • Very serious flooding resulting in the need for evacuation of houses, provision of temporary accommodation and the like is covered by the Council's rest centre and flood plans. For more information see Humanitarian Assistance and Evacuation page.
  • Update and activate the Multi-agency High Risk Community Flood Plans.
  • Work with local communities to develop Community Emergency Plans to make them better prepared during an emergency such as a flooding event.

If you live near the coast, there is always a possibility that a combination of high tides and bad weather will threaten your property with flooding, even though engineers will have done as much as possible to reduce the risk of this happening.

However, even if you live inland, events over the past few winters have demonstrated that exceptional storms can cause flooding even on hill slopes, when the drainage system is simply overwhelmed by the amount of water it is expected to carry.

In addition, when the ground is saturated even small additional amounts of rainfall will find it difficult to drain away from gardens and enclosed spaces.

The Council, at times of emergency, will be endeavouring to protect the public at large and will not be able to assist a large number of individual homeowners who may find their properties threatened.

We use Twitter to give updates on flooding and severe weather, please follow us on Twitter @cornwallcouncil or use the link on this page to pick up any #tags being used.

Remember, you can call Floodline on 0345 988 1188 any time night or day for real-time flood warnings and advice, including registration to the Flood Warning Services.

Flooding - useful numbers

Emergencies out of office hours: 0300 1234 100 

Floodline: 0345 988 1188