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Mevagissey Flood Watch

On this page you will find information about the Mevagissey Flood Watch Group and their Community Emergency Plan.

About Us


Since the extensive flooding throughout mid-Cornwall on the 17th November 2010 it became apparent that Mevagissey was not only subject to tidal flooding with spring tides but also fluvial water. The latter, having very drastic consequences to the householders within, the central area of the village.

Following this event the ‘Mevagissey Flood Watch’ was established in association with the Environment Agency, Cornwall County Council and the Mevagissey Parish Council. Partnering with, Par and St Blazey Flood Group and Lostwithial Flood Group.

Mevagissey Flood Watch is a voluntary group reporting to the Mevagissey parish Council. Our activities are to promote flood awareness and inform the community by;

  • Working with local flood authorities to help reduce the risk of further flooding
  • Help supporting the community in effected areas before, during and after flooding
  • Raising awareness of the possibility of flooding within the community

The Mevagissey Flood Plan was launched along with the Par and St Blazey and Lostwithial Flood Plans on the 17th November 2011 to their respective communities.

Since the plans launch, the plan and wardens have been activated 6 times, to 6 different incidents with a common flooding issue. In some of the incidents, properties where flooded and along with the Emergency Services the Flood Wardens assisted property owners in protecting their households.

The Mevagissey Flood Group is open to everyone and we welcome your involvement and support. You can follow our progress here and through our Facebook page:

Mevagissey Flood Watch


Mevagissey is situated on the south coast of Cornwall, set in a valley surrounded by steep hills to the East, South and North. Heligan House is at the head of the valley with streams coming off the hills and surrounded farm land running through the middle of village into the harbour and out to sea. Mevagissey is considered at risk of surface water, river and coastal flooding.

A temporary committee has been established which includes representatives from the community, Mevagissey Parish Council and Coast Guard. The purpose of the committee is to provide the group with structure, direction and stability to maintain focus on local flooding issues long into the future.

Committee Members are;

  • Barry Wilton
  • Dave Brewster
  • Matt Facey

The link below will take you to the Mevagissey Community Flood Plan.

 Mevagissey Community Flood Plan

Please note: Names, contact details and other information may have been removed from this document.

Mevagissey Parish Council

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