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Public Risk Register

The Public Risk Register contains information concerning the issue of prohibition, alteration and enforcement notices, which must be open to inspection by the public free of charge.

Each entry states sufficient particulars to convey the substance of the notice to which it relates.


Persons on whom notices are served have a right of appeal against an entry which they think may reveal an industrial secret. They are sent a draft copy of an entry and have 21 days in which to lodge an appeal.

Cornwall Fire and Rescue Service will maintain the register, which will contain information relating to any prohibition (or restriction), alteration or enforcement notices issued by them. Notices will be held in the register for a minimum period of three years.

We are required to produce this risk register under the Environment and Safety Information Act 1988. For further details of this act visit the Government website.

Input the details you would like to search for below and it will search the database for your required information.

You only need to complete one of the first four boxes to gain a result, but you must select at least one of the types of notices (please see below for definitions).

Definitions of the above mentioned notices:

Prohibition/Restriction: Where the Inspecting Officer is of the opinion that the risk to persons in case of fire, is so serious it will be necessary for the Fire and Rescue Service to prohibit or restrict the use of parts of the premises.

Alterations: Where the Inspecting Officer is of the opinion that any structural alterations being made to the premises will constitute a serious risk to relevant persons (whether due to the features of the premises, their use, any hazard present or any other circumstances).

Enforcement: Where the Inspecting Officer is of the opinion that the responsible person, being under the obligation to do so, has failed to comply with any provision of the Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order within the time allocated to them.

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