Risk Based Evidence Profile

The Risk Based Evidence Profile is produced each year to provide Cornwall Fire, Rescue and Community Safety (CFRCS) Service with a comprehensive understanding of risks relating to fire, rescue and road safety. It includes a wide range of information about incidents responded to by the service along with information about high risk groups for fires and road traffic collisions.

This information helps us to identify areas and groups of greatest risk so that we can target our activities effectively.  In a time of increasing budgetary pressure, this information is important in making sure we make the best use of our resources, provide value for money and deliver effective services.

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Within CFRCS Service we carry out various community initiatives to address these risks.  This information helps to inform our Service Plan as well as shaping how and where these initiatives are targeted.

To read the full report please see the Risk Based Evidence Profile 2015.  For a summary of the key messages and recommendations please see the key messages report 2015

For more information about what we are doing to address these risks you might also be interested to view our Service Plan.