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St Agnes and Perranporth

St.Agnes and Perranporth Community Network Manager - Mark O'Brien

Network email : communitynetworks@cornwall.gov.uk


The Community Network Team is made up by Mark O'Brien, Community Network Manager and Community Network Support Officers. Mark is also the  Community Network Manager for Truro and the Roseland.

View the St Agnes and Perranporth Community Network Area Map.

The St.Agnes and Perranporth Community Network has been fully operational since June 2009. The Community Networks are the main way in which Cornwall Council will connect with local communities, ensuring that regular St Agnes and Perranporth Community Network Meetings are held involving Cornwall Council Members and town and parish councils to ensure that local issues are resolved.

Further details regarding the community network.

More information about Community Network profiling (including Health Profiles) and funding information including the Cornwall Councillor Community Grant Scheme is available on our community profile page. If you would like to view parish data information, please click this link.

What would improve your quality of life in the area you live? These are the questions we have been asking across the community network areas to help us decide how to manage Cornwall now and Cornwall in the future. Four themes have been identified as most important across all areas; affordable housing, income skills and poverty, healthy lifestyles and resilience to future challenges. From these themes, we have developed an updated sustainable community strategy for how we can do this during this time of great change.

Information has been gathered from across the Council, police, health service, town and parish councils and in consultation with the public about what specifically this means for your area. The results of this are shown below.

Affordable Housing – The infrastructure, or lack of it, is seen as a barrier to housing growth. 

Income Skills and Poverty – Education and learning skills is a priority. Access to post 16 education and apprenticeships are seen as key to bringing jobs into the area.

Healthy Lifestyles – Outreach services for health, education, children’s services etc.

Resilience – Village Design Statements would ensure that future development is balanced with job creation, better public transport, and faster broadband infrastructure.

The other major duty of the Network is to support the Elected Members with their duties to engage with their local communities.

Neighbourhood planning will allow people to come together through a local parish/town council and say where they think new houses, businesses and shops should go, and what they should look like.

More information is available via the link below

We currently operate a number of different recycling and waste collection arrangements which we inherited from when Cornwall was divided into six district councils, each with its own recycling and waste contracts.

From April 2012 Cornwall Council will be working with Cory Environmental to harmonise the waste and recycling collections in Cornwall. The change will allow every resident to receive the same service and recycle the same materials at the kerbside regardless of where they live in Cornwall. Before the new contract starts in April, every household will be notified of the changes taking place, including any changes in the use of recycling boxes / bags and their new collection days.

Find out more about the new waste collection and recycling service.

(please click on the links below for photographs, contact and address details).

Each Cornwall Councillor has a small grant allocation to assist projects run by voluntary and community groups in the Cornwall Council area they represent. The grants can be used for a wide range of groups and activities including helping vulnerable children or adults, helping young people, providing facilities for older people, supporting community facilities, local environment projects and helping projects to tackle community safety issues.

You can read the full guidelines for the scheme here. The start date for this year's scheme is 1 May 2014. The deadline for completed application forms to be received is 16 February 2015 (no new application forms will be accepted after this date) 

Groups and organisations can apply for these small grants, which range between a minimum of £100 and a maximum of £1,000.  More details and application forms are available from Community Network Support Officers - see contact details listed above.

Organisations are advised to consult with the local Cornwall Councillor in the first instance to ensure an application would be supported and adequate funds are available.

You can find your Councillor by entering your postcode on the my area page.

The Council has made a commitment to support openness and transparency by publishing a list of all Community Chest expenditure on a regular basis. The payment details for the St Agnes and Perranporth Community Network can be found within the 2013-14 Councillor Community Grant Payments for St Agnes and Perranporth CNA document.

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