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Community Network Profiles

These profiles are the first step towards providing a clearer view of a range of statistical information about people and places within the community network areas. They have been put together to improve our understanding of communities within each of the network areas and will help to inform service delivery.

Generic Profile : The profile provide a range of information about the local area including statistics on community safety, deprivation, population, housing and employment. It provides an overview of the community network’s characteristics and show that in many cases there are significant variations within the network area


Area profiles provide an overview of a wide range of data relating to a local area. They include information abut the population and the economic, environmental and social circumstances within it.  The profiles are a useful tool in helping to understand more about the quality of life within a chosen area. They can be used alongside other performance information and consultation with the community to develop services and shape priorities within local areas.

Area profiles focus on small geographic areas and allow us to identify inequalities and issues within an area. The profiles allow us to understand more about the variations across the county and higher and lower performing areas.

The Community Intelligence team has created profiles for all network areas.

Smaller than Network areas, Lower Layer Super Output Areas (LSOAs) are a statistical geography designed for the collection and publication of small area statistics.  Each LSOA has an average population of 1,500 and a minimum of 1,000.

LSOAs in this network area can also be viewed on the Community Intelligence page for all network areas.

To find out more about LSOAs see the Office for National Statistics website

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