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Penryn Town Council

Clerk's contact details

Miss Michelle DaveyGround FloorSaracen HouseHigher Market StreetPenrynTR10 8HU


Email Addresstownclerk@penryntowncouncil.co.uk

Telephone Number: 01326 373086

Cllr Mrs Beverly HulmeGround FloorSaracen HouseHigher Market StreetPenrynTR10 8HU

View the Registers of Interests for Penryn Town Council

  • Vicky Bennett
  • Nick Ferris
  • David Garwood
  • Gill Grant
  • Keven Green
  • John Hodge
  • Beverly Hulme
  • Cait Hutchings
  • John Langan
  • Mary May
  • Martin Mullins
  • Shelley Peters
  • Glanville Rickard
  • Chris Smith
  • Mark Snowdon
  • Ted Wilkes

Meeting dates: First Monday of each month, but you can check their website for the full record of meetings.

Website: Penryn Town Council website

Town / Parish plan: Penryn Town Council have produced a parish plan, which is available to view using the following links.

Localism general enquiries

If you wish to inform us of a change of Clerk or Chairman please let us know by using the email address below: