Wadebridge and Padstow

Wadebridge and Padstow Community Network

Cornwall’s 19 community networks are the main way we connect with local communities and help them address important local issues

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The panel discusses issues affecting the community network area, agrees ways to progress them and seeks to builds working relationships between local partners.

Panel meetings are open to the public and the press.  Our public guide to community network panels explains how the meetings work and rules for reporting and filming meetings.

The panel includes local Cornwall Councillors and representatives from town and parish councils within the community network area.  The panel can invite local organisations and service providers like the police and health services to join them at their meetings. 

Chair - Cornwall Councillor Stephen Knightley

Vice-chair - Amanda Pennington

The Cornwall councillors for Wadebridge and Padstow Community Network are:

Parish and town councils in the Wadebridge and Padstow Community Network area

Terms of reference for the panel 

Wadebridge and Padstow Engagement Plan

The Panel have set their priorities as:

  • Public Transport
  • Asset and Service Devolution
  • Affordable Housing
  • Highways, Traffic and Parking

Future panel meeting dates

See the Community network panel meetings schedule for dates of future panel meetings.

The next meeting is on Thursday 16th March 2017.

Panel agendas and meeting papers

Meeting 1 December 2016

Meeting 15 September 2016

Meeting 14 July 2016

Meeting 16 June 2016

Meeting 17 March 2016

Each Cornwall Council councillor has a small grant fund to assist projects run by voluntary and community groups in the area they represent. The grants can be used for a wide range of groups and activities, including helping vulnerable children or adults, helping young people, providing facilities for older people, supporting community facilities, local environment projects and helping projects to tackle community safety issues.

Grants range from a minimum of £100 and up to a maximum of £1,000.  Check with your local Cornwall councillor before applying to see if funds are available and whether they would support your group’s application.  You can find your councillor by entering your postcode in the My Area section of this page.

You can read the full guidelines for the scheme here.The current round is currently closed.