Hayle Town Council

Clerk's name and address:

Eleanor Giggal
Hayle Community Centre
58 Queensway
TR27 4NX

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Email addresstownclerk@hayletowncouncil.net 

Telephone number: 01736 755005

Fax number: 01736 755005

Town Mayor Cllr Nick Farrar

8 Marsh Lane
TR27 4PS

Telephone number: 01736 757818

Meeting Dates:  Full Council meetings are held on the first and third Thursday of each month, except August (recess) starting at 7.15pm, in the Assembly Room, Hayle Community Centre.

Other meetings as per schedule of Minutes and Agendas on Hayle Town Council website

Town/Parish Plan:  Hayle town plan

Website: Hayle Town Council website