Made in Cornwall Awards 2016

Made in Cornwall is pleased to announce that we have launched five awards to celebrate the activities and achievements of our members. These awards have been introduced as part of the 25th anniversary celebrations of the Made in Cornwall Scheme which was launched back in 1991.

We would like to congratulate all the Made in Cornwall members that have won an award and thank all of our members who help to make the scheme the success it is today.

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Our 2017 awards will be launched in the autumn.

Please use the links below to find the winners, stories behind these Made in Cornwall members and the reasons they have won awards.

Green Innovation Award

Winner: Cornish Sea Salt

Innovation Award

  • Winner: Andy and Hermione Copp
  • Highly Commended: Cornish Clayton Crafts
  • Highly Commended: Grippy Leads

Contribution to the Community Award

  • Winner: Pirate FM
  • Highly Commended: Family Silver

Rising Star Award

  • Winner: Kennall Vale Cheese
  • Highly Commended: Bad Boy Chilli Mash Ltd
  • Highly Commended: The Naked Sheep

Taking Cornwall Places Award

  • Winner: Boddington’s Berries
  • Highly Commended: Margot Hartley Jewellery
  • Highly Commended: Simply Cornish
Green Innovation Award

Winner: Cornish Sea Salt 

Cornish Sea Salt is such a familiar product on supermarket shelves across the country it is difficult to believe that until eight years ago there was no local salt supplier in a county almost surrounded by the sea. Now, consumers, producers and chefs all have an easily accessible supply of a top quality product sourced on their doorstep using benign technology in an eco-friendly facility designed to blend into its location a few yards from the sea.

The low energy brine concentration system minimises both the energy consumption and carbon footprint of the facility and has been assessed as having zero impact on the marine ecology of the area.

The building was architecturally designed to disappear into the coastline with a clever use of external materials, and internally designed to minimise the need to use cleaning chemicals.

Innovation Award

Winner: Andy and Hermione Copp 

The website was conceived by Andy and Hermione Copp as a private members’ initiative to provide an online shop presence open exclusively to all Made in Cornwall Scheme member producers. 

The website provides fully independent e-commerce shop facilities for each member under one roof and, in doing so, develops an online brand for authenticated Cornish products that can be taken to market as a group thereby contributing to the strengthening of the Cornish brand and its distinctiveness.

Further development is on-going on the site and it is there for the long term, intending to provide a brand strengthening and a low cost e-commerce facility for members where entry is quick, free and effective. It is backed up by a business support facility designed to help smaller member businesses develop overarching strategies to grow their businesses.

Highly CommendedCornish Clayton Crafts 

Liz Clayton introduced Cherrystones Pads as a replacement to her Wheat pads, as a tried and tested Swiss alternative remedy for pain relief. Being filled with cherrystones there is no contamination from husk that is possible from wheat. 

The pads are for natural health and therapeutic remedies, and can be heated to cuddle and as an alternative to a hot water bottle or frozen and used as ice packs for sports injuries.

As a retired nurse Liz is happy that she is still in a position to help people, and now owners are treating their pets with her washable Precious Pet Pads.

Highly Commended:  Grippy Leads 

Grippy leads are the lead with the loops! They are unlike other dog leads on the market featuring an innovative multi-loop design which allows its user to walk their dog and bring it to heel with ease and control. Designed and handmade in Cornwall, the leads are colourful and comfortable for the user and their dog.

The nominator described the leads as “such a well-made product of superb quality. I recommend it for everyone, especially those with poor grip strength and wheelchair users.”

Contribution to the Community Award

Winner: Pirate FM 

Pirate FM was born on the 3 April 1992 and, to this day, is proud to be made IN Cornwall, FOR Cornwall.  Broadcasting from studios in Redruth, it covers the whole of the Duchy using two transmitters, one in the West and one in the East.

Pirate FM proudly support hundreds of community events across the year and helps support local charities. They are media partners with Children's Hospice South West, and have a charitable arm, The Pirate Trust, aiming to raise money to support projects, individuals and organisations across Cornwall.

Pirate FM also recognises that there are people all over the Duchy who go the extra mile to help others in our community, knowing that some are doing quite extraordinary things without even realising it! That’s why they are very proud to host Cornwall’s Local Heroes Awards; recognising the people that make this a great County to live in, and celebrating them at a glitzy awards ceremony each year.

Highly Commended: Family Silver

Esme Burton ploughed her profits from her jewellery business, Family Silver, in to establishing Circa 21: A small independent shop and gallery on Penzance’s Market Jew Street, which opened in September 2014.

In just 2 years trading, her turnover is soaring and she is supporting the livelihoods of at least 35 Cornish based designer makers, plus local artists who hire the gallery room.

Esme now employs a permanent part time sales assistant, to work alongside her and the growing business.

Circa 21’s reputation continues to spread for its quality made products, unique display, charm and top notch customer service.

Rising Star Award

Winner: Kennall Vale Cheese 

Kennall Vale Cheese came into existence just over 2 years ago.  As existing Cornish dairy farmers wanting to do something more with the milk produced by their herd, and having been making cheese as a hobby for a number of years, a decision was made to investigate the practicalities of setting up a small cheese making dairy on the farm.

As tenant farmers it became obvious that they needed to look ‘outside the box’ for solutions, as constructing or converting a farm building was out of the question.  Various options were considered, and finally they decided to purchase a second-hand shipping container and convert it themselves into a cheese making dairy.

They spent the summer of 2014 completing the work and sourcing equipment as cheaply as possible, due to limited finance.

Fast forward two years of very hard work, and cheese sales are going extremely well, with cheese being sold at farmers markets, local events and food festivals taking place throughout the county.  The cheese can also be found in local farm shops, delicatessens and other retail and catering outlets

Highly Commended: Bad Boy Chilli Mash Ltd 

Bad Boy Chilli Mash is run by a couple who have a passion for chillies and has been trading for two years during which time it has grown steadily and won awards at The Great Taste Awards (2 Gold Stars) and Taste of The West (Gold Award).

The locally grown chillies for the Kernow Gold Mash are grown by a farm in Falmouth (Canara Farm) together with The People and Gardens Charity in St Austell. Bad Boy Chilli pride themselves on using simple ingredients with provenance, adding more heat and flavour to all types of cookery.

Highly Commended: The Naked Sheep 

Working from home in Hayle, and using traditional methods, The Naked Sheep uses locally purchased wool and natural fleeces in the creation of their products.

Locally purchased fleeces are graded, washed and dried before being hand spun the old-fashioned way using a wheel, by Nicholas.  Once turned into yarn Alice takes over to knit a variety of traditional and modern designs of garment. Short of keeping their own sheep, the whole process is ‘in-house’.

After taking the commendably brave step to open their own retail premises last year, the couple are currently looking to expand the business in alternative ways at local events and on the web.

Taking Cornwall Places Award

Winner: Boddington’s Berries 

Promoting themselves as a Cornish producer, using local ingredients where possible and linking to companies with similar values, Boddington’s Berries is a strawberry farm based in Mevagissey that trades successfully outside the county and the UK.

Originally only selling to local markets including Heligan Gardens and Lobbs farm shop, they now trade internationally with a company called Mango’s, based in Japan, who wholesale foods in Shinijuku.

Working with the Made in Cornwall scheme, all products carry the Made in Cornwall logo on the labels and promotional leaflets have been made with drawings of Mevagissey, demonstrating the location and charm of Cornish villages. 

The company is active on social media, always promoting Cornish cream teas, and looking for new ways to connect with people out of county and demonstrate some of Cornwall’s unique selling points.

As a business, Boddington’s Berries is fully committed to promoting Cornwall.  It’s at the heart of the business, and is helping to expand Cornwall’s reputation as an area for quality products.

Highly Commended: Margot Hartley Jewellery 

Margot has been making her jewellery for 30 years. She has sold her work all over the world and participated in exhibitions and craft fairs across Europe. At home she has a wide customer base in Scotland, Wales, and all of the UK. Her unique jewellery is loved throughout the British Isles and her logo specifies that her work is made in Cornwall.

She has been commissioned to make a special Greyhound Brooch for the Duchess of Cornwall and more recently the Duchess purchased a unique buttercup sculpture.

Highly Commended: Simply Cornish

Simply Cornish, the retail arm of Warren’s Bakery, recognises the international interest in great Cornish food as an opportunity. They have products that are already being exported to the furthest points of the globe, to Australia and China, so the interest in Cornish Food is limitless.

Simply Cornish recently attended trade shows in Cologne and Dubai where their products were very well received and business as a result of the shows has repaid the show costs four-fold. Working extremely closely with both UKTI and Santander bank, Simply Cornish now have a solid process in place for market entry into new territories.