Supplier Induction Pack

When the Council award a contract with a total value over £25k the supplier is provided with an Induction Pack to smooth their entry to the Cornwall Council supply chain. For Transparency a copy of the Induction Pack can be found at the link below.

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Cornwall Council's Commercial Service are running a series of innovative webinars to help potential suppliers better understand the public procurement process. Information on these webinars and how to sign up can be found below. The Webinars below are currently undergoing review pending the introduction of the Council's e-Tendering and Contract Management System.

Introduction to Public Procurement

Public procurement can be seen as difficult to engage with and time consuming to take part in. Cornwall Council's Supply Chain Development Programme aims to minimise barriers to businesses who want to tender for opportunities. Understanding the public procurement process is often half the battle and a better understanding makes for more competitive tenders.

This webinar will cover:

  • What is public procurement?
  • Where to find tender opportunities
  • Procurement rules and routes
  • How to tender for work - hints and tips
  • What is expected of Cornwall Council suppliers

This is the first webinar in the series and we recommend that you undertake this before any others.

A recording of the Introduction to Public Procurement webinar is now available.

Completing a Pre-Qualification Questionnaire

Pre-qualification questionnaires are seen as a major barrier to doing business with the public sector but they needn't be. This webinar will walk participants through what a pre-qualification questionnaire (PQQ) is, how to fill one out and what is expected of suppliers covering the following topics:

  • What is a pre-qualification questionnaire?
  • When are they used?
  • Modular pre-qualification questionnaires
  • Tour of the Cornwall Council pre-qualification questionnaire
  • Hints and tips for completion

It is recommended that you attend the 'Introduction to Public Procurement webinar' prior to attending this one.

A recoding of the Completing a Pre-Qualification Questionnaire webinar is now available.

Submitting an Invitation to Tender

This webinar will take delegates through the Cornwall Council Invitation to Tender (ITT) Documents. The main focus will be on the Restricted ITT, following on from the 2nd webinar on Pre-qualification Questionnaires. Example questions and answers will be reviewed and there will be an extended Q&A with the host.

  • What is an invitation to tender?
  • When are they used?
  • Invitation to tender walkthrough
  • Example invitation to tender

It is recommended that you attend the Introduction to Public Procurement and Pre-qualification Questionnaire webinars prior to attending this one.

A recording of the Submitting an invitation to Tender webinar is now available.

A webinar is an interactive online seminar. There will be a presenter running through a range of interactive content with opportunities to ask questions both written and verbally. You will need a sound output but you don’t need a headset or mic to participate although it may help in the group activities.

Do I need a fancy computer or any software?

Our webinars use Adobe Connect which requires Flash to be installed. Please note these webinar may not work for Apple Mac machines and some mobile devices.

The Council works in close partnership with many business support agencies across Cornwall to ensure that information, advice and guidance is available to help your business when you need it, whether you are just starting out, growing your business, relocating to Cornwall or running a social enterprise or charitable organisation. Visit the Council's 'help for businesses' page for more information.